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The media was churning out a similar story the other week about older buses being dumped on Norwich... Same Story, just change the City...
Collins Coaches Dennis Trident NIB4968 (LX03 OSP) was written off in a fire on 13th June 2019 off the A1101 at Marham Park, Bury St Edmunds whilst carrying a party of school children from Milton Road Primary School  to Lackford Lakes. Report in Cambridge Independent

Stagecoach in Cambridgeshire / Re: Stagecoach CAMBRIDGESHIRE happenings 2019
« Last post by skyLink on Yesterday at 09:42:28 AM »
does anyone have any more news on the ex London scania omni-cities which are coming to cambs?

Currently having work done your looking at September at the earliest I say
Stagecoach in Cambridgeshire / Re: Stagecoach CAMBRIDGESHIRE happenings 2019
« Last post by Emms01 on Yesterday at 09:30:46 AM »
does anyone have any more news on the ex London scania omni-cities which are coming to cambs?
Whippet Coaches / Whippet 100 celebration event
« Last post by John Wakefield on June 15, 2019, 10:48:51 PM »
The following post was recently placed on Old Bus Photos web site

Whippet are hoping to celebrate in some way or another, it’s 100 year anniversary (sometime in 2019 but no one knows when!). I would love to hear from anyone with ideas how best we could celebrate this event(we will most likely pick a date in Aug 19 for our celebration). I don’t believe we will wish to go too over the top and the budget will be limited.

I understand that Pauline is the office manager at Whippet and has been tasked with organising this event.

A bit late in the year now and it will need to avoid any other rally dates. Not sure what sort of event they are planning ie open day at the depot or some kind of running day. If anyone has any idea or can offer help i am sure she would be pleased to hear from you, particularly owners of ex Whippet vehicles now in preservation.
Whippet Coaches tel No is 01954 230011
Stagecoach in Cambridgeshire / Re: Stagecoach CAMBRIDGESHIRE happenings 2019
« Last post by HughT on June 15, 2019, 11:17:46 AM »
The 0950 Citi 5 ex-Emmanuel St was declared a failure (leaking oil). Sorry, didn't get its number. It's possible the Gold is what was sent to substitute.

The 0955 Citi 6 to Oakington was also a failure, at least intially (flat battery?). But the engineer who was already on site dealing with the above problem must have managed to get it going as I saw it heading off around 10 mins late.
Blow me down it’s totally rear to see this gold bus 15952 on citi 5 today what the hell are they feeling ok today
At Friends Meeting House Jesus Lane, Cambridge starting at 7.30pm
September 11th Bill Hiron - Stephensons of Essex
October 9th Nick Taylor -  Taylors Coachworks, Cringleford
November 13th Mick Ward - Trans Pennine Road Run
December 11th Christmas Meal (venue to be arranged)
Note: There are no meetings in July and August

7th July - ETC 50th Anniversary at East Anglian Transport Museum
18 August - Bus Festival National Motor Museum Gaydon  Note: this trip leaves from Great Gransden at 06.30 and will be in Mick Ward's Bristol L (LHY994) contact Mick
29th September - Showbus at Hertfordshire County Showground
13th October - Big Wheels 2019 Labworth Park Canvey Island
3rd November - LVVS Transport Festival North Hykeham

All trips EXCEPT Bus Festival Gaydon pick up at Sawston, Gt Shelford & Cambridge, contact Andy Baker 01353 741367 or Trips are open to Non members

As from 2020 COS will be moving its meetings to the Cambridge Museum of Technology, Cheddars Lane, Cambridge, further details later of meetings.
The Cambridge Omnibus Society welcomes new members, joining fee is £13 per year and includes 11 issues of the societies journal CAMBUS. Membership Sec. Tony Barfield 01353 663839 or OR at meetings.

First in Essex / Re: Not First in Essex
« Last post by cesar on June 14, 2019, 10:13:03 PM »
Not sure the comparison is quite fair. Cambridge is a city with a network largely of radial routes linking the suburbs and surrounding towns with the city centre. Driving into Cambridge is difficult, parking limited, difficult and expensive, and there are reasonable bus priorities at least in places. P & R is comprehensive, and well established. Add to that a high student population who probably are less likely to own cars (or have cars with them), and will also generate demand for evening/Sunday services, and you have a fairly good set of circumstances for bus operation.  I don’t know but would guess that ENCTS passholders make up a relatively small proportion of total ridership.

In Essex there are a large number of urban centres, all with one or more out of town retail parks. Parking is generally plentiful, and varies from cheap to medium- price. There are minimal bus priorities- a few in Chelmsford and Colchester but not much else. P & R only exists at 3 sites - 2 of which are struggling. The multiplicity of destinations means there are few really heavy flows to any one point, and hence the bus and frequencies are not really attractive.  This in turn makes evening services less well used, and the relatively high proportion of ENCTS passholders means revenue is also challenging.

I think you will find - though I stand to be corrected - that Stagecoach Cambridge provides the similar turnover with fewer buses and therefore each bus has higher revenues. If driver numbers are indeed the same, that will be partly a result of higher levels of evening and Sunday service.

I fully agree First Essex fails in many areas, but I’m not sure the comparison you make is 100% fair ( though it might be 50%...!).
Stagecoach Peterborough 10871 YX67 VDG is back from the repair shop after its crashed last year.

It was doing service 1 werrington to Orton.
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