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I looked on traveline website this morning they taken off the new busway times looks like it not a go ahead with new timetable yet looks like it might take few more months to sort the new times out just keep your eyes out with it all I know they they got bit of a delay of roadworks on the busway not 100% sure when they change the times again
First in Essex / Re: First Essex 2019/2020
« Last post by Steves on Yesterday at 08:06:04 PM »
And a shot from the other side.
First in Essex / Re: First Essex 2019/2020
« Last post by Steves on Yesterday at 08:04:22 PM »
The new Scanias are in service on the X30.  I didn't see any of the Volvos yesterday. The X10 is still E200s - the one that I noticed was in the grey livery.
The vehicles noted were 36838, 36840 and 35842 but I didn't see see all the departures.
The livery does not mention First anywhere.  Also the bodies are MMCs but not the City version used for Excel.  Seems odd that they specified different bodies for two orders of very similar vehicles built around the same time.
Should anyone want a nosey, the Traveline PDFs are attached.

I'd also had a go at starting to compile a tidier version that I've also attached, but as I was using the webpage format data that's no longer available and can't complete it I won't continue!  Some tabs were kind of done, some haven't been tidied in any way, and I didn't get the data for many at all.  Where I have tidied I tried to guess which services split at St Ives or Trumpington were through buses, which I could have got wrong.

I did notice while doing this that there's also an early morning Ramsey to Hinchingbrooke bus that I was trying to work out the point of (don't know if it might have been useful in relation to the hospital, or if there was to be a return journey that might have made it so).
Thanks Adam.
I've also seen at least one of Cambridge's Volvo B10M trainers twice at Fenstanton this week...
Evening, Bob.

I believe Bedford have at least one former London E200, 36310 LX58BZY. Not sure if Fenstanton have any driver trainers of their own these days?

Afternoon everyone,

For the past couple of days, I've seen a yellow, dual-door Enviro 200 Driver Trainer parked at Fenstanton Depot. Do any of you know which it is?.

Very Best Wishes,
The following page is currently live on the Stagecoach East website and contains links to the revised timetables from March when Acland Street replaces the East side of Queensgate Bus Station during major works at the Shopping Centre above the bus station.

Unfortunately the new timetables were removed from Traveline yesterday (they update weekly on a Thursday). Presumably because there's currently no reliable date for their introduction (and possibly because they weren't 100% accurate?).
There have been comments in the Hunts Post and The Riverporter, a local free news sheet, about a cut in the number of journeys serving the Hartford Marina stop.  That seemed to be confirmed by a 'Stagecoach representative'. 
I seem to remember seeing a news sheet put out by Stagecoach, giving details of frequencies not actual timetables, which seemed to contradict this.  It suggested that during the day the current position of half-hourly via Houghton and Hartford Marina and half-hourly via Wyton on the Hill would be maintained. Can someone who has studied the new timetables confirm which is right? 
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