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Stagecoach in Bedford / Re: Stagecoach in Bedford happenings 2019
« Last post by MIB on Today at 12:31:56 PM »
I had 18419 into town on a 9 noting 18423 on a 1 to view the froth on the St Neots and Peterborough rail replacements for an hour that were too chingy for me to do. A couple of Go Ahead double decks E400 E74 and an evil PVL were on St Neots. Plenty of coaches from the likes of Redfern Travel, Barton Coaches, Hamilton, Country Lion, Atkinson, Lawman and Chiltern Travel.

Whilst I was viewing the station spectacle I missed winner 11128 on the 0936 50. Incidentally dud 11134 was showing for the 1136 50 as I headed off to Hitchin on  the 1000 9A. So far Hitchin to Peterborough, Potters Bar, Letchworth and Luton Airport Parkway rail replacements have stirred no interest in me. Arriva single deck plastic on Letchworth to Luton circuit and Metroline, Lucketts, Hamilton, BM Coaches, Fowlers, Landmark, Richard Taylor Travel, Barton and Britannia so far on Potters Bar / Peterborough.

Looks like I will be heading home this afternoon on 18336 which should be the 1409 9A if no oly produces which seems inevitable.
Stagecoach- Norfolk Green / Re: Ex Stagecoach Norfolk Green Optare
« Last post by Coast_Hopper on Today at 09:17:22 AM »
25123 YJ56ATX is coming up on DVLA check as No Records.....which probably & usually means it has been scrapped !

25130 YN58FXH is coming up as SORN + No MOT.......which could indicate it may be owned, but is Stored Off Road & could be a source of spares, or awaiting repair itself ?

Thanks for this, I now know the wherabouts of YN58 FXH (process of elimination), this is at Brylaine yard in Boston, there is one sitting near shed, there is a photo of it on the other thread next to another Tempo in corporate colours which has now gone as it was painted into brylaine red

Do you have a link for the DVLA site
Whippet Coaches / Re: New service "P"
« Last post by barryb on Yesterday at 11:36:32 PM »
I saw they've been very efficient about debranding Histon Rd.
So is this old news then Dick, only just published in Bus & Coach Buyer this week. Are these 2 more the have bought?
Museums & Special Events / Re: Best Open-top rides
« Last post by Steves on Yesterday at 08:11:29 PM »
On a more negative note, don't try to do this one at the moment.  The Sandbanks ferry is out of action - until at least September, I understand.  The service currently runs non-stop via Wareham and Corfe Castle
Stagecoach in Cambridgeshire / Re: Stagecoach CAMBRIDGESHIRE happenings 2019
« Last post by TCD813 on Yesterday at 07:14:38 PM »
Plus 19576 got broken destination board at the front and the side of the bus flicked on and of very badly it needs fixing badly

Fixing properly, rather than fixing badly, surely?  ::)
Stagecoach- Norfolk Green / Re: Bristol FLF set for service 505 outing
« Last post by TCD813 on Yesterday at 07:11:41 PM »
I was just wondering, given Stagecoach East‘s new Managing Director, Michelle Hargreaves’ penchant  for slightly daffy names for buses – take a look at the Skegness Seasiders – will we see the FLF named “Fluffy“? Will there be a unique fluffy clouds delivery?  And, maybe, inbuilt loudspeakers playing Little Fluffy Clouds by the Orb?
Steve, buses for the 505 in Lincolnshire Roadcar Days were mostly based at Holbeach. I can remember going there several times & only ever noting just  Bristol FS, SC or MWs . They only had an allocation of 6 which were from Boston parent Depot. After FS deckers were withdrawn, I can only remember flat-screened VRs replacing them on the 505. I never ever saw a FLF sub-allocated there ! But, I stand to be corrected if anybody else knows different ?? BTW,  From my files etc, I note that the depot closed in August 1989, with it & the 505 passing to Fowlers.

Thanks very much Nigel
Mil-Ken of Littleport have recently acquired two new Volvo B11R 9700 integral 57 seat coaches from Volvo Buses. The vehicles are fully ULEZ complient. Registration numbers are not yet known but are expected to be on personal plates.
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