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Dews Coaches / Re: Dews Happenings
« Last post by Emms1 on Today at 11:29:59 AM »
Assuming they have a new ticketing system as they are now accepting contactless payments! Any more info on this would we greatly appreciated!
Go Ahead - Konectbus / Re: Konectbus Happenings 2020
« Last post by Steves on Yesterday at 09:37:14 PM »
One of the Konectbus E400s was heading south along the A10 towards Southery this afternoon at around 1300.  They don't have any services out there so possibly a contract?
Stagecoach in Cambridgeshire / Re: Stagecoach CAMBRIDGESHIRE Happenings 2020
« Last post by Steves on Yesterday at 09:34:35 PM »
One of the all green Scanias (as above) was in Ely on the service 9 today minus its guidewheels in the 1142 from Littleport. I was driving so I don't know the number.
Stagecoach in Bedford / Re: Stagecoach in Bedford happenings 2020
« Last post by MIB on Yesterday at 07:49:22 PM »
Not a great deal happening to report. 19701 did the 1205 X5 from Cambridge today but was ripped at Bedford and plonked onto the 6 circuit.

For some reason the tracker has gone wonky for Kettering buses this week. All buses to Bedford are not being displayed as 50's but instead show up for other routes. 15455 and 15404 were both showing on route 2 in Kettering but both were viewed on 50's and 11133 was showing as an X4 despite sitting in Bedford at the time. Other visitors to Bedford have been shown as routes 19, 48 and 49 anything but a 50.
Former operators / C Neils of Duxford
« Last post by John Wakefield on July 07, 2020, 11:05:38 AM »
Does anyone have any pics of vehicles owned by Cliff Neil of Duxford. A one man minibus operator based at The Green Duxford.
From what I can establish he operated four minibuses during his 31 years in business, he retired in 1995 and then went to drive minibuses part time for Collins of Cambridge until his death in 2002

AER845B Commer 2500LBD Harrington new 1964
YLK881G Ford Transit acquired circa 1969
KJE666G Ford Transit, Deansgate conversion acquired 8/77   
TAV190X Ford Transit, Tricentrol conversion bought new 1982 (sold 1991 to Bell Inn, Wendons Ambo as non psv)
G363PNS Ford Transit, Scott conversion new 4/91 (sold circa 1995 to Herrington, Fordingbridge)

I only have one pic, of G363PNS taken circa 1994 (by the late Ron Emery) it briefly featured in the ITV TV series The Village Show in 1995

Stagecoach East Midlands / Re: Stagecoach in Skegness Happenings 2020
« Last post by AE51VFX (Jonny) on July 06, 2020, 10:48:34 PM »
Stagecoach 18437 LX55 ERU (Pierre) doing service 1 Chapel St Leonards on Monday 6th July 2020.
Other Long Distance Services / Re: FlixBus UK
« Last post by Steves on July 06, 2020, 11:37:56 AM »
Despite the information above which links Flixbus with Whippet, there does not currently seem to be any operational connection - Whippet is not one of the Flixbus operators and Flixbus do not seem to be operating any of their own vehicles on the new services
Zaneta from Cambridgeshire County Council was enquiring about the location of this stop:

Willingham, Osborn Close Southbound, CB24 5WB, SMS CMBGDGDJ, NaPTAN 0500SWILL005

Google maps and Open Street map show the location as being close to the junction of High Street and Osborn Close, directly opposite Bourneys Manor Close.

Probably, the former flag was on a street-lighting column and lost when contractor replaced the column.

The Willingham, Osborn Close, Northbound stop SMS CMBGDGDM NaPTAN 0500SWILL006 has a flag and pole outside Nº 18 High Street. Does this act as a 'both sides of the road' stop?

Wondering if any passengers or drivers on the Forum would know hat the current custom and practice is?
General Bus Discussion / Showbus to be 'Flyby this year
« Last post by John Wakefield on July 05, 2020, 08:00:44 PM »
This email today from Showbus organiser Martin Isles

The 2020 Bus Rally season has been decimated by the corona virus pandemic, but SHOWBUS is coming to the rescue by restructuring the event scheduled for Sunday September 27th.

We have held on hoping that the situation might improve by late September, but as social distancing will be with us for some time, the large crowds at SHOWBUS would prevent the event taking place altogether.  We simply do not have the resources to ensure compliance.

The solution is to spread the visitors and entrants over a distance of around 25 miles.  Dubbed the “SHOWBUS flyby” the event will take place over a stretch of the A40 between Beaconsfield and Wheatley.  Buses will leave from either end at regular intervals starting 10.00am and run the complete route there and back.  The round trip should take a bit less than two hours.  Each entrant will have their own start time and it is not intended that vehicles will gather at either of the start points, the M40 service stations at both ends.  An added bonus for spectators is that the event will be free.

The old A40 presents many scenic backdrops for photographers to choose from which to view the event.  Photo opportunities will occur at the following locations where buses will pause for 5 minutes at each of these four spots.:

         Tetsworth Green (southbound)

         Stokenchurch Kings Hotel (an old coach refreshment stop - southbound)

         Wycombe Retail Park (by the old Thames Valley bus depot - northbound)

         Milton Common (northbound)

In addition all buses will call at High Wycombe Bus Station in both directions.

For those with elderly vehicles and do not want to undertake the round trip we are trying to secure a number of places along the route for individual buses to static park.  These will obviously be limited in number.

It is also hoped to keep those happy who have been deprived all summer long of an opportunity to browse the enthusiasts stalls by holding the SHOWBUS TRADERS VILLAGE at West Wycombe Village Hall.  Assuming regulations permit the Hall has been reserved on the day and would be open from 10.00am to 3.00pm.  If you want to visit the stalls, you can either drop folk northbound at the Hall and park up at Piddington before returning to pick them up.  For a 10 minute visit it should be possible to park on the approach to the hall, before the bus stop.  Stopping southbound is likely to cause congestion in the narrow village.

A revised entry form and further details will all be on from Monday July 6th.   If you enter a bus you will receive an individual itinerary, it will not matter if you do not adhere to it strictly, but we need to avoid bunching and allow other road users the opportunity to speed by.  There will also be suggestions of places to park up before embarking on the road run as the service stations cannot accommodate a mini display and we risk large crowds gathering, but with 25 miles to spread spectators along we should be ok.

I am currently stranded in Australia and likely to miss the event, but the usual SHOWBUS ground crew will be on hand to oversee the day.  In consequence participants please contact me via the SHOWBUS website and rely on email communications.

All being well SHOWBUS will be back at the Hertfordshire County Showground on September 26th next year and gearing up for the celebratory 50th event on September 25th 2022.

Dr Martin Isles   (+61) 4683 68147 0800-1300 BST
Postal address for entries: Great Hill Farm, Oldway, CHUDLEIGH. TQ13 0TA


Dom Spooner, 27 West St, WAREHAM. BH20 4JS  SMS 07935 289454


For all the attractions on the route visit – available from July 6th

National Express Coaches / Re: NX resumes coach services
« Last post by Suzy Scott on July 04, 2020, 01:11:03 PM »
Temp times and fares at;
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