Author Topic: ] Diamond Jubilee celebration for Thornton Heath Bus Garage and Route 109  (Read 1500 times)

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OK, south of the river - but still of interest to some I hope!

"To commemorate its diamond jubilee of Thornton Heath bus garage and route 109, Arriva will be running four of its historic Routemasters from the Arriva Heritage Fleet on Route 109 on Saturday 9th April, and instead of collecting fares, they will be asking travellers to donate to The Friends of Mayday Hospital Charity.

Within 500 metres of Arriva's Thornton Heath Garage, the hospital is well served by Route 109 run by Arriva London. Both the garage and Route 109 celebrate their Diamond Jubilee in April, so with this in mind Arriva has teamed up with the Friends of Mayday Hospital to mark the special occasion.

The Friends of Mayday Hospital charity first started 55 years ago, just as the then new hospital buildings where being completed. A subscription to the charity at the time was 2/6 in today's money 12.5p

The aim of the charity was, and is to this day, to raise funds to provide equipment and comforts for patients and staff in the hospital.

Its first purchase in 1956 was a cloak for the Matron, to keep her warm at night as she moved from building to building. Today the Friends raise an average of £100,000 a year, and have recently bought essential items such as six wheel chairs and a mobile ultrasound machine for the intensive care unit.

The special service is subject to final amendments, but the proposed timetable can be downloaded from here USE LINK BELOW

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Very much of interest to me Suzy as sixty years ago I was there, having biked over from Orpington.

At this point I have a shameful confession to make. During the day I nicked an aluminium TH garage running plate off a bus. I think that I might still have it somewhere.

At this stage I do not want any other offences to be taken into consideration.


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The 109 was one of the routes I drove on all those years ago, both out of TH on RT's and later out of BN on B20 type DM's (which appear to have been forgotten in the Arriva website publicity).

In those early days I think I am correct in saying that driving the 109 from Purley back to Purley was the longest scheduled time an LT driver would spend behind the wheel without any sort of break (due to having no actual terminus in Central London the route simply did a loop over one of Blackfriars or Westminster bridges and returning via the other).

In the rail strikes of the seventies we made a fortune in overtime dockets, often being hours late off first spell and again on finish due to almost solid traffic levels north of Streatham.  The conductors had it easy then, as the bus was often full from Croydon up to the Embankment and vice versa.

Those were also the days when the combined headway between Telford Avenue and Brixton was a bus every 30 seconds!

I would love to have gone to the running day, but as with many such events simply did not become aware of it until too late to make arrangements.