Author Topic: FORUM STATEMENT – Response into handling E400/NG threads  (Read 1559 times)

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FORUM STATEMENT – Response into handling E400/NG threads
« on: August 31, 2012, 04:38:54 PM »
FORUM STATEMENT – Response into handling E400/NG threads

We have received a number of complaints, both on and off group, regarding my Admin’s decisions and handling of the matter. This duty had been delegated on my behalf, but accusations have been made that they may have overstepped the mark.

The initial complaints, that requested the action, saw J508GCD objecting to the comments about the new Norfolk Green livery, and the comparison being made to that of London Midland trains. We can only assume that J508GCD was concerned into the thread turning into “will go-ahead take over NG?” which is without-basis speculation.  On these occasions, the Forum members that raised these matters stated opinion, a technical fact, and replying to your post. None of these things are wrong. Everyone here is entitled to their own opinion.

We do appreciate the help and support that we get from a number of operators – and I can see it from an operator’s point of view too. At Tiger Line, I initially said the new orange/black without the lettering looked like Strathclyde Buses – and it was, but not deliberately, and my boss didn’t like me saying this. No harm done though – just my personal opinion. In the last days of my father being alive, he noticed the livery being identical shades of colour as used by Dundee United FC – again, just coincidence. The boss wanted a bright livery that could be applied over the top of the old Ulsterbus cream and blue skirt – hence proportions were the same. Several of our drivers thought we’d been taken over by Stellios (of easyGroup fame) with all the orange and black. Again, one that made me giggle, but no harm done. But it does show how, quite quickly, three people can think different about the same paint work.

In conclusion, I do believe that we can’t show bias in the way we handle posts. We do need to say again that we really do appreciate the help and support that we get from various operators and authorities. We are not going to force our members into their way of thinking – they can do that in person if they wish to do so, not on the Forum. Otherwise we risk everyone from every operator reporting threads for things like incorrect names etc. – when the message hasn’t broke group rules. When Alan32 was posting about one of the directors being a Councillor, this was investigated using materials from Companies House and the local authorities. This was found to be incorrect – which therefore justified the action taken. We cannot legitimately punish someone for fact, or opinions. If there is a genuine breach of Forum rules in the future, we will be more than happy to investigate at that time.

As far as we are concerned, this statement is now the end of the matter, but we will continue to monitor the situation over the coming days and weeks. 

Kind regards,
Suzy Scott
Additional Admin & Founder, A&TVBF