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FORUM NEWS-update 2nd September 2012
« on: September 02, 2012, 10:18:06 AM »
This is a short Forum Newsletter, to bring you up to speed, with recent developments. Before I continue, this does contain some (quoted) strong language.

A recent thread had discussed the likeness between LM’s class 350 and an Enviro400 from Norfolk Green. Unfortunately, J508GCD/Rob took objection to this. Several messages of complaint were fired in our direction, asking this to be stopped.

Andy James took a decision that criticising Norfolk Green was unacceptable behaviour. In my personal opinion, I could certainly see the resemblance, but I could also see the operator’s point of view – see

A post on Facebook ended up being “liked” by 12 people, plus many others chipped in through the course of the thread. I’ll give you the starter, but the full version is also available as a PDF upon request…

“I've heard some shite in my life on some forums, but tonight I've found a classic, and its not from some random Veg sprouting garbage, but the "Hitler" attitude of the Forum Admin.
Somebody has asked "Did Norfolk Green swipe the livery for their New E400's from London Midlands Trains?", and another has correctly pointed out "looks that way, there's hints of the livery style from accross the Go-Ahead Group!" after a couple of other comments, none of which were offensive or anything, along comes the Admin with : Firstly : Having spoken with xxxx we both agree that these two derogatory posts are out of order and would like to warn the two members involved that any further occurrences will result in a one week ban from the forum". followed by
"This stops NOW! The next person who mentions this on the forum will receive a warming through the ban system. Thread locked." WHAT????

Stop Kissing Norfolk Greens arse will you, if they dont want people to think they swiped the Livery of a class 350,, then don't paint it like a 350, and if you are going to ban me for having an opinion, Just Do It!!"

I then decided that, while the new Admin’s had largely acted in the interests of the Forum positively, this had been a mistake. I approached Rob, Andy and the complainants, to point out that we cannot show bias towards Norfolk Green, and punish people for not breaking the rules.

Now, as far as I was concerned, that was the end of it. The response from Rob/J508 GCD sounded very bitter that we didn’t bow to his demands…


How illuminating to be lectured on why I should not personally take offence at jibes, given personal approval by yourself, that I have copied London Midland's livery, when you are attempting to create a business that does nothing but copy other people's work, and for your own personal gain. Not to mention apparently letting Andy and Sam do your dirty work for you running the forum and then stepping in in some kind of presedential role to publicly humiliate them and again give tacit approval to the troublemakers who will destroy the forum.

I look forward to you, wearing any hat, asking Norfolk Green for any assiatance in the future, or to you using my work to line your pockets. As from this moment onwards no permission is given for you to do so. Petty? Probably, but at this moment in time, hugely satisfying.


… which sounds like yet more bullying to me, and several others. It’s a slur on Steven Knight – who’s work we sell, and many other Forumites who have benefited from our free services. Over the years I have also done things like, techpark.transport (now and much more, as sources of free information for transport enthusiasts, and ordinary passengers alike.

Since then, Andy has stepped down, and Rob has left, both of their own accord. (I was about to consider sanctions on Rob for his attitude issues towards me, and for attempting collusion). I’m not going to sit back and let one or two people ruin the Forum – and I’ve done this before. How interesting was it before when we’ve done this in NG's favour, there was no problem at all. Yet, when it’s against them, he’s flounced off. I do believe in the truth, and that the Forum and it’s Administrators must act in a transparent way. It’s only fair to those who are making the Forum – the ordinary members like you!

I’d now like to get back into a “fun” mode, you know, don’t be afraid of saying what you think. Do please take a minute or two to read the rules in full, which are at the very end of this message. Full versions of any of the message chains referred to above are available on request.

Sam has agreed to remain in a Technical Manager role, and I will slide back sideways into the main Administration Manager role. I don’t expect you to agree with everything that we say or do, but I would like you to log in and click “THANK YOU” if you agree with our actions, or approach us elsewhere if you are not. Talk about satisfying… we’ll see what our members think.

Kind regards,
Suzy Scott – Forum Admin Manager and Founder
Sam Wickham  Forum Technical Manager


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