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As posted to TubeGroup and others.... not organised by me but feel free to participate!

There status of the various parliamentary trains and replacement bus
services in West London and the closure proceedings therefore continues to
cause confusion. Readers of The London Railway Record will have noticed in
the October edition a report that "The Department of Transport has belatedly
admitted that its proposal to legally close the line between Factory Jn and
Longhedge Jn was an error". This presumably has delayed the whole process
which is why Southern's Wandsworth Road - Kensington Olympia service will
continue to run.

The report makes no mention of the line between Acton West Jn - Acton Wells
Jn - West London Jn, the "service" over which is currently provided by the
Tuesdays only Ealing Broadway - Wandsworth Road bus, which was also covered
by the closure proceedings. The bus had been expected to run for the last
time on next Tuesday, December 4th, and various parties were planning a mass
grice on the last day of the service. Then uncertainly over the status of
the closure proceedings placed the termination of the bus service in doubt.
Don Kennedy has been in touch with TGM, who told him that they expect to
continue running the service "until the end of January".

In view of the uncertainly, and the likelihood that when is service is
finally withdrawn it will be with minimal notice, the parties that were
organising the mass grice have decided to go ahead with the party anyway
next Tuesday.

So if anyone fancies a ride on what should have been, but probably won't be,
the last day of operation of one of London's more obscure rail "services",
the timings are:

Ealing Broadway 09.45
Olympia 10.25
Wandsworth Road 10.55

Wandsworth Road 13.15
Olympia 13.45
Ealing Broadway 14.25

As an aside, it's interesting to note that, if you ignore the bus,
Wandsworth Road is currently served by one train operator, with a regular
service between Victoria - London Bridge, and a parliamentary train to
Olympia. From the week after next, it will be served by three train
operators, and will have a regular service between Clapham Jn - Highbury &
Islington, and parliamentary trains to Olympia, Victoria, Battersea Park,
and Bromley South.
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