Author Topic: Bus driver saves two-year-old son having epileptic fit by using DOUBLE DECKER to  (Read 2607 times)

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Wow, a positive article from the DM for once.

Anyway, what a brilliant story!  :)

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What an absolutely marvellous gesture from Konectbus, in their driver's hour of need. I hope the little lad is OK now & recovering at home with Mum, Dad & the rest of the family. This does show some Companies think & look after their staff!!

To the little lad, his Mum & Dad + family, plus all at Konectbus, have A Happy New Year !!!!

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What a lovely story indeed.  :)

Sadly, the usual snarky comments from DM readers are starting to appear.  >:(
East Londoner

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a very good story there hope he get a medal for it all
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What a lovely story indeed.  :)

Sadly, the usual snarky comments from DM readers are starting to appear.  >:(

Ah, well, personally I wouldn't wipe my (ahem!) with the Dail Wail. However, the 'Konnectbus ambulance' incident got a good 'feel-good factor' slot on 'cat-up-a-tree TV' (as Mrs TCD and I refer to the local news programme).

Good news all round: little lad back home and progressing well; GoAhead subsidiary, local management and driver all wearing halos only slightly less bright than those to be seen in traditional seasonal representations of a certain middle-eastern stable. What's not to like?

From BBC News, Norfolk: Father drove his son to hospital in his bus

Quote from: BBC News, Norfolk
A man had to drive his epileptic two-year-old son to hospital in his bus after an ambulance was delayed.
Bus driver Ross Cork was dropping passengers off in Norwich when he got a call his son Riley was having a fit.
After calling his manager at Konectbus, he drove to his father's home where Riley was being treated by a paramedic.

Full article and mobile-friendly video

Edits: adding link to BBC News story.
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Great story!! Well done to that bus driver, one of the real heroes.
Joe Watson
Norwich Bus Page