Author Topic: From a National Express email, isn't two an hour down to four a day a reduction?  (Read 1371 times)

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New and improved airport services

When travelling to an airport it's important that you arrive relaxed and stress-free to the airport, as well as on time. Which is why we've added new services to our network and also made some significant improvements to selected services, to make sure getting to the airport is as hassle-free as possible. Below are further details of the new and improved services:

Services from the South

NEW Brighton - Stansted service - With up to nine coaches running a day direct from Brighton to Stansted Airport

We've also improved and added new services to the following routes from the South:

Heathrow to Gatwick (improved service)
Luton to Heathrow Airport (improved service)
Milton Keynes to Heathrow Airport (improved service)

Services from the East

IMPROVED Cambridge to Stansted - Travel from Cambridge right to the airport door of Stansted Airport with up to four coaches running every day.

We've also improved and added new services to the following routes from the East:
Basildon to Stansted (new service)
Chelmsford to Stansted (new service)
Attleborough to Gatwick Airport (improved service)
Attleborough to Heathrow Airport (improved service)
Peterborough to Stansted (new service)
Southend to Stansted (new service)

Services from the North

NEW Direct service from Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield to London Luton Airport - we've added a completely new service from the North to Luton Airport, meaning you can now travel from Leeds, Bradford or Sheffield right to the door of Luton Airport.

IMPROVED Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield to East Midlands Airport - If you're looking to take the coach from Yorkshire to East Midlands Airport then you'll be pleased to find an improved service.

We've also improved and added new services to the following routes from the North:

Manchester Airport - Stansted (new service)
Manchester to Stansted (new service)
Sheffield to Stansted (new service)
Liverpool to Stansted (new service)

Services from the Midlands

IMPROVED Nottingham and Leicester to London Heathrow Airport - We've increased the number of services from 9 to 16 between Nottingham, Leicester and Heathrow Airport.

IMPROVED Derby to London Gatwick Airport and London Heathrow Airport - Now with more than double the services from Derby - Gatwick Airport and Heathrow Airport (10 services a day) getting to the airport is much more flexible than ever before.

IMPROVED Wolverhampton to London Gatwick Airport - You can now travel on one of our seven direct services from Wolverhampton to Gatwick Airport (we previously ran only three daily services).

We've also improved and added new services to the following routes from the Midlands:

Leicester to East Midlands Airport (new services)
Nottingham to East Midlands Airport (new service)
Leicester to Gatwick (improved service)
Nottingham to Gatwick (improved service)
Wolverhampton to Heathrow Airport (improved service)
Leicester to Manchester Airport (improved service)
East Midlands Airport to Luton Airport (new service)
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As someone who goes to Stansted waaaay too often... I think they mean four extra a day from the services shown on the journey planner.

The new services are the redirected 349 and and 350.  However one of the 349s leaves at the same time as an existing 727, which doesn't really help.  I'm also not sure what use the services are supposed to be to the other places they come from.  Sheffield, Manchester and Liverpool for example get buses that arrive at Stansted at 1740 and 2230, and leave Stansted at 0630 and 1040.  Even for Huntingdon, Peterborough, Leicester and Nottingham, departures at 0030, 0630, 1040 and 1400 still just miss out a very important part of the day; the afternoon.  I don't think it's viable to restrict yourself to customers that want to arrive at an airport for an early morning or early afternoon departure and leave from a morning or mid evening arrival.

I really feel NX are missing a trick with their Stansted Airport services.  Until a few weeks ago I lived round the corner from Parkside so bus was the only sensible way for me to travel, but once the service went down to every 2 hours it was so infrequent that it was usually better for me to get the train (sometimes if I was travelling really frequently I could chance it with open tickets and see whether the train or bus was the best ticket to use for a particular return journey once I got back).

I know why they did it, because since the recession far less people were travelling from Cambridge to Stansted.  At the time they went from 2 buses an hour to 1 they really were carting fresh air around and it came as no surprise.  The trains were noticeably emptier as well.

However things have really picked up.  It's not unusual to see more than 60 people on the first train, and around the weekend that can get up to a 100!  In practical terms the bus really takes no longer and it goes to a part of Cambridge that is more convenient for most people.  This is a route where NX could compete, and a small number of those extra passengers would make the service very viable.

I suspect they could run more buses to Luton as well, even if all they managed was to grab some Hitchin, Letchworth and Royston passengers off the trains!
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