Author Topic: Bus tour - The Fair Fare Fox County Fayre - Saturday 12th November 2016  (Read 1137 times)

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Just a reminder of Saturday's tour.  Unlike other tour operators, there are no wholesale changes to the vehicle itinerary, operator(s) used and heaven knows what else - all details for the day are exactly the same as was originally advertised.

The Fair Fare Fox County Fayre

Saturday 12th November 2016


Prices :  £20 flat fare  A price-drop arrangement will in place if there are sufficient numbers in attendance to permit a lower fare.  The threshold for this is 25 passengers.


This will be my 12th tour and is being operated with Confidence Bus & Coach of Leicester.  This tour is being operated due to customer requests for some of the booked Olympians to be made available for use.


During the tour we will aim to make use of at least 8 vehicles from the Confidence fleet :

46 - UWW 8X   Leyland Olympian/Roe
47 - UWW 10X   Leyland Olympian/Roe
53 - UWW 9X   Leyland Olympian/Roe
57 - A139 SMA   Leyland Olympian/ECW

61 - CUD 221Y   Leyland Olympian/ECW

68 - L151 HUD   Volvo B10M/Plaxton Premier

69 - B187 BLG   Leyland Olympian/ECW

74 - F127 PHM   Volvo Citybus/Alexander RH


During each ride, we will make best use of the light to take a photo stop away from the yard.  The 1 or 2 vehicles involved in evening running will be made available for a clear photograph in the vicinity of the applicable depot during daylight.  There will be time allowed at both yards for photography of other vehicles in the fleet.


The first pick up will be at the Wigston depot at 0900.  Free parking is available in the roads surrounding the depot – postcode LE18 4ZL.  Please park with consideration for vehicle movement and on-street photography of the vehicles.  The second pick up will then be at Leicester Rail Station at 0930.  Will await the arrival of any trains due in before 0930.


For anyone not wanting to ride the B10M coach, there will be an earlier drop off at Leicester Rail Station at no later than 1815.


The tour will end with drop off of no later than 1915 at Leicester Rail Station.  We are booked to be back at Wigston depot at 1930.


Please do not contact the operator regarding this tour as this is a private hire booking. Any queries, please e-mail me at


I hope to see you on the tour.


Kind regards,

Graeme Palmer.