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SCC - Roadside bus information
« on: June 15, 2008, 04:54:31 PM »
Suffolk County Council is, according to the minutes of the road and transport scrutiny committee looking to take over responsibility for all bus stop road side information. Currently across the county the responsibility is split between the council and private operators.

To request the Director of Environment and Transport to provide information regarding responsibility for all bus stops in the county to all local councillors, and to consider the feasibility of transferring to Suffolk County Council responsibility for updating timetable information in all roadside cabinets.

This follows concern that some roadside publicity materials were not up to date.

If it does happen, it is likely to mean that Stagecoach would loose responsibility for the stops they serve in Haverhill. Which would be a shame as their bus stop signs are more prominent, even if they do fail to take them down when they change routes.

Minutes of 17 April 2008 meeting (unconfirmed)