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Changes in service levels over time; Winter 1986 timetable
« on: August 20, 2017, 09:15:12 PM »
With huge thanks to Julia_Hayward, as a result of I now have passenger train timetables from winter 1986 and summer 1999, and have been having the most fascinating time exploring them!

I kept thinking I was looking at Sunday timetables by mistake when I saw some of the service levels I came across!

Should anyone be interested... Cambridge's Winter 1986 timetable included:

Cambridge to Ely and Peterborough

M-Sa  16 trains a day to Ely and Peterborough (broadly hourly-ish at peak times, and with gaps up 90-120 mins during the day), that took an hour to get there.  Of these some continued to:

Birmingham (5)
Leicester (2)
Lincoln (1)
Stamford (1)
Doncaster (1)

The journey times were around 1hr to Peterborough and 3h15 to Birmingham (against

On Sundays there were 8 trains to Peterborough.  Of these some continued to:

Birmingham (2)

Nowadays we of course have 16 trains a day to Birmingham (10 on Sundays) on a regular hourly pattern, and the journey times are c50m to Peterborough and 2h40 to Birmingham, though the last trains to Peterborough are slightly earlier.  While today the services of of course start from Stansted Airport, 1986's can be forgiven for not doing so on account of the station not existing!

London LS - Cambridge - Ely - Kings Lynn

There were 8 trains a day from Cambridge to Kings Lynn, taking just under an hour and skipping Waterbeach but calling at Magdalen Road, which was shortly to be renamed Watlington.

There were 21 trains a day from London LS to Cambridge (hourly, extras a peak times, last train 2035).  The regular hourly service typically took 80ish mins, stopping generally at Bishops Stortford and Audley End, with a fastest peak journey of 69 mins. 

There were also 13 stopping services from Bishops Stortford to Cambridge (hourly with a gap in the middle of the day and less stops in the evenings), taking 50 around mins and generally not offering connections from London. 

Extra short Cambridge - Ely services gave 30 trains a day.

There were 5 trains to Norwich (one continue to Great Yarmouth), of which one started from Bishops Stortford and one started from London (as a stopping service)

On Sundays there were 12 trains a day from London LS to Cambridge, 20 trains a day from Cambridge to Ely, 4 trains a day from Cambridge to Norwich (3 of which started from London).  King's Lynn had 7 trains a day on Sundays, 5 of which started from or connected off a train from London, one being a connection off a Cambridge service, and the other coming from Cambridge.

Newport, Chesterford, Whittlesford and Shelford had no Sunday services.

Cambridge - Royston

There was a stopping service from Cambridge to Royston, broadly every 40ish mins at peak time and hourly during the day and evening.  This took about 25mins, and connected to / from London KX - Finsbury Park - Stevenage, stopping to Royston trains giving an overall journey from London KX of about 80 mins.

On Sundays there was an hourly service, and no services to Foxton, Shepreth or Meldreth.

Obviously services these days are much better, though I think it makes me sad that they have to be, because things are so centralised that so many more people have to commute long distances.
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