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Courtney Buses MaidenheService Changes February 2014
« on: January 21, 2014, 09:35:01 PM »

Service by service – Maidenhead Changes from 2nd February 2014

Service 4/4A – Maidenhead to Walthams Circular
• Changes to timetable with journeys operating up to 30 minutes earlier
• The 0802 journey will now depart Maidenhead at 0739, and operate via Cox Green and
• An afternoon journey at 1517 will operate in the opposite direction, numbered 4A, to replace
service 4C which has been withdrawn
• A later journey has been introduced leaving Maidenhead at 1725
• The first and last Saturday service has been withdrawn due to poor passenger numbers

Service 5/5A – Maidenhead to Farmers Way
• This service will now operate between Maidenhead and Farmers Way only. For the section of
route from Maidenhead to Cranbrook Drive, please see new service 9
• New timetable, with increased frequencies to Farmers Way during the morning and afternoon
peak periods
• Off peak additional services, numbered 5A, will operate between Maidenhead and Badminton
Road, providing two buses per hour on this section of the route
• Later buses into the evening Monday to Saturday and a new hourly Sunday service

Service 6/16/16A – Maidenhead to Windsor
• New timetable with a significant increase in service frequency
• Service 6 will now operate a much faster route between Maidenhead, Dedworth and Windsor
• Services 16 and 16A will operate hourly serving Bray, Holyport, Dedworth and Foster Avenue,
with service 16A additionally serving Fifield.
• Springfield Shops will continue to be served between approximately 0900 and 1800 Monday to
Saturday by services 16 and 16A
• Services 6 and 16 will operate between Windsor Road and Dedworth Road via Ruddlesway,
Testwood Road and Gallys Road
• One journey per hour will continue to operate to St Mark’s Hospital, but via Gringer Hill, Linden
Avenue and Courthouse Road. For services to Gardener Road and Cookham Road, please see
new service 9
• New hourly Sunday Service between Maidenhead and Windsor

Service 7/7A/7B/7C – Maidenhead to Woodlands Park
• New timetable at peak periods to assist timekeeping. The journey at 0815 from Sawyers
Crescent will be numbered service 4, but will operate to the same route as service 7
• The Sunday service has been significantly increased, with one service per hour to Woodlands
Park operating as service 7 and an additional hourly service to Wessex Way shops which will be
numbered 7A, providing two buses per hour on this section of the route

Service 8 – Boulters Lock-Maidenhead-Halifax Road
• This service will have a new timetable with buses running later into the evening and also an
hourly Sunday service between Maidenhead and Halifax Road
• There will be an earlier bus from Boulters Lock at 0703
• When combined with new service 9, this will provide two buses per hour between Maidenhead
and Farm Road/Halifax Road

Service 9/9A/9B – Holyport-Maidenhead-Cranbrook Drive
• This is a new service operating daily which will replace withdrawn sections of services 5 and 6,
and along with services 8 and 16/16A will provide two buses per hour for Farm Road,
Headington Road, Halifax Road and Holyport.
• The route will run from Holyport through the town centre, St Marks Hospital, Farm
Road/Headington Road (service 9), Halifax Road (services 9/9A), Cranbrook Drive, Gardner Road,
Cookham Road, town centre and back to Holyport
• Cranbrook Drive will have buses later into the evening, with the last journey now at 1930
• On Sundays, service 9B will introduce services to Cranbrook Drive and Cookham Road

Service 192 – Bracknell to Windsor
• This is a new limited daily service operating between Bracknell and Windsor via Ascot

Service 237 – Maidenhead to Knowl Hill
• This is a new service to replace withdrawn section of service 239, operating between
Maidenhead and Knowl Hill only. This service will run Monday to Friday only. For Saturday
services to Knowl Hill, please see Thames Travel service 127.

Service 238/239 – Maidenhead to Cookham Dean (238) and Henley-on-Thames (239)
• Service 238 will operate Tuesdays and Thursdays only and will replace withdrawn service M1
serving Bisham and Cookham Dean. Service 239 will have a change of route and operate
Maidenhead, St Mark’s Hospital, Birchetts Green, BCA College, Hurley and on Mondays,
Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays on to Henley-on Thames

Service 4C – Maidenhead-Walthams-Binfield-Wokingham
• This service has been withdrawn due to low passenger numbers

Services 4D/5D/7D/8D/239D – Maidenhead-Twyford-Wokingham
• These services have mostly been withdrawn, leaving one journey per day Monday to Saturday in
each direction

Service 6C – Windsor-Bracknell-Finchampstead
• This service has been withdrawn and partly replaced by new service 192

Service 6D – Maidenhead-Holyport-Bracknell
• A return journey (Monday to Saturday) has now been introduced from Holyport. By boarding
service 9 at Maidenhead at 1800 (1841 on Saturdays), customers can travel through to Bracknell
without changing buses

Service 7S – Sunday Town Service
• This service has been withdrawn and replaced by new Sunday services 7, 7A, 8 and 9B

Service M1 – Maidenhead to Cookham Dean
• This service has been withdrawn and replaced by new service 238 operating Tuesdays and

Services M4/M5 – Windsor Park & Ride
• These services will no longer be operated by Courtney Buses, but will run to the same timetable
with new operator White Bus Services

Services 4, 4A, 6, 237, 238, 239, M4 and M5 operate under subsidy from RBWM.